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You could be experiencing the taste of travel and entertainment right now while getting paid for it at the same time.



Our Field Agents make the difference! Regal provides the most comprehensive agent training and competitive compensation available on the market today. Interested in becoming an Agent? Contact us for more information.




Field Agent Services


Interested in becoming field agent specialists for Regal Hospitality Group?  You should be!   Have you always dreamed of enjoying the good life and exploring the vast hotel restaurant industry across the globe?  Become a Certified Hospitality Evaluator (CHE)Whether you’re a seasoned hotel consultant and looking for a full time quality assurance consulting job within the hospitality arena or interested in becoming a secret shopper and need the development, training, and experience to qualify for mystery shopping job opportunities – Regal Hospitality Group is your path to success.


Regal Hospitality aims to attract, develop and retain high quality professionals who are motivated to achieve our business objectives.  Each of our team members whether full time or working independently has a passion and commitment to their position in fulfilling our company's vision.

The Growth of Regal Hospitality around the globe is a direct reflection of our commitment to our corporate values, the diverse talents and efforts of our people, and our unwavering focus on client service and loyalty.



Certified Hospitality Evaluator


One of our most important resources is our group of “Certified Hospitality Evaluator’s”.  This team is made up of individual members within industry recognized Mystery Shopping Associations and have been screened by Regal Hospitality to become field agent specialists. Each individual has also committed himself or herself to be fully trained and certified by an approved independent training and certification company.


Regal Hospitalities approach is simple and has categorized the professionals within the mystery shopping industry into two categories, Qualified Secret Shopper and Certified Hospitality Evaluator (CHE).   A Qualified Secret Shopper or field agent specialist has been tested by industry associations to make sure they have a basic understanding with the policies and procedures of market research methodologies within the mystery shopping industry.


Where as a “Certified Hospitality Evaluator” is a qualified Secret Shopper who has invested there time and resources to become tested and certified to ensure they have a complete understanding of hotel and food and beverage industry specifics standards, as well as, AAA's Diamond Rating® System and Mobil Star rating standards.  Each individual has reviewed and understands the template for quality assurance walkthrough and knows how to write Quality Assurance Document Management.


Regal Hospitality Group uses the skills and experience of the “Certified Hospitality Evaluator” to meet the challenges of front line assessment in the hospitality market place. By doing so, our clients receive better information in the report metrics for gauging the customer experience and it better assists in the monitoring, measuring and maintaining of the clients prescribed operational standards.


To learn more about becoming a “Certified Hospitality Evaluator” for Regal Hospitality Group please register with us as a Field Agent and we will forward the necessary information to become qualified as a “CHE” which is one of the highest levels of certification in the Mystery Shopping Industry.



State of the Art Information Services


Diligence and creativity have earned our company a global reputation for leading edge solutions, processes and the use of technology.  In continuing in this theme, Regal has implemented a state of the art Software as a Service (or SaaS) application to manage information workflow between customers and agents. The Prophet system ensures timely and accurate reporting information is delivered in a quality fashion – every time.  This methodology is key to Regal’s continued success.


In order to access Prophet, you must be a registered (and approved) Field Agent. Once verified you may click on the Login to Prophet menu selection on the left side of this page.